Monday, June 11, 2012

50 Shades of Greenish-Brown

Here's a guest post from Chaz!  So this is what happens when mama is away for just a few hours...

Okay, so last week I had a wonderful baby experience… Sarah was out at her cousin's baby shower so I was alone on baby duty.  Not a big deal… or so I thought.  I had just finished feeding both of them and was getting ready to change diapers.  I was going to change Charlotte first so I put Violet on a blanket on the ground.  I had Charlotte laying on her back on a foot stool and was playing with her for a few seconds.  I went to scoop her up and to my surprise I came up with a slimy greenish-brown covered palm.  It was a blow out!  One of the top 10 scariest situations for Dad watching kids on his own.  I quickly brought her over to the changing table to clean her up.  (Our changing table is in the front room of our house which is sort of separate from the living room, but it’s laid out in a way that I can still peak and see what’s going on from one room to the other).  

At this point I’m cleaning up Charlotte, but Violet is starting to cry because she realizes no one is paying attention to her.  At the same time the cat jumps up on the dirty foot stool and starts sniffing the greenish-brown residue.  By now I’m stressing and trying to comfort Violet but I’m basically having to yell because we’re in separate rooms.  At the same time I’m for real yelling at the cat so it doesn’t step in the slime on the foot stool, but Violet’s is starting to scream-cry (probably thinking I’m yelling at her).  Mean while, Charlotte can tell I’m stressed and she starts scream-crying and squirming around and now the poopy slime is all over the changing table.  Eventually though, I managed to get Charlotte cleaned.  

Charlotte has been having a butt rash though and since it was little chaos back in the living room I decided to set Charlotte down on the blanket bare-butt, by her sister, so she could air out.  I then scrambled to clean the foot stool, remove the changing pad cover and sanitize the changing pad.  I then scooped up screaming Violet.  Once again I feel a warm squishy substance on my hands.  Sure enough, blow out # 2!  I quickly reacted and rushed her to the changing table to get her all cleaned up.  

About the time I was snapping the last of the buttons on Violet’s new outfit I thought, “I wonder if there’s slime on the blanket where Violet was laying?”  I carried her back to the living room only to find Charlotte on her tummy with her right hand and forearm in the slime!  I set Violet on a new blanket nearby.  I quickly cleaned up Charlotte’s hand/arm, moved her to the new blanket with her sister and put the poop blanket in the wash.  I was even smart enough to put a burp cloth down under Ms bare-butt, just in case something happen.  By that time everyone was settled down and I was ready for a nap.  That was enough fun for one day. 

Oh, but there’s an encore to this show!

As I’m wrapping up and putting a diaper on Charlotte, I notice Violet starts fussing.  I look over and Violet’s chin is covered in spit up.  It wasn’t too bad though.  On a scale of 1-10, it was only a 5.  Not thinking I grab the first burp cloth I see to start wiping Violet’s face.  “Wait a minute… this burp cloth is soaking wet…  Oh come on Charlotte!”   She had peed all over!   

Needless to say, I was happy when Sarah got home.  Although, by that time they were both asleep and looking cute so it was like nothing ever happen.

Daddy and his girls!

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